4. How long is each session?

  • Each session takes about 45 minutes for one body region. But if you have pain in 2
    body regions, for example, neck and back pain, give it about 60 minutes.

5. How should I dress for my treatment session?

  • Comfortably.  We recommend T-shirts, sweat pants or shorts.  You do not need to
    disrobe, we work over your clothing. No jeans or tight dress pants.

6. Will there be any needle in my treatment?

  • No, AcuStretch uses acupressure, finger and palm to apply pressure to the trigger
    points.  We do not use acupuncture which requires needles to stimulate the
    pressure points.

7.  Will it work for me? My condition? I have so many more questions.

  • It's difficult to give anyone a diagnosis or prognosis over the phone or even by email.  
    We highly recommend you give us a call at, 949-206-9501 and speak to one of our
    licensed physical therapists.  There's no obligation and it's free.
John Cheng, M.D.
Steven Dominguez, M.D.
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