After I received my doctorate in physical therapy from
USC in 1998, I thought I knew everything there was to
know about physical therapy and pain.  However, after
a few years of clinical experience, I discovered that my
conventional treatment style was not helping my
patients as much as I thought.

The ultrasound, electrical stimulation, exercises, and
stretching were not making any significant difference.  I
was frustrated because I felt I did not have much to
offer my patients.  Patients would get better but I was
never sure if it was something I did or the injury
naturally healed itself over time.

Out of frustration, I began to search for a better solution
to help my patients.  After several months of research, I
discovered that the best way to get rid of pain was to
combine acupressure, yoga, and pilates into one
discipline.  I called this new technique, AcuStretch.

Today, my practice uses AcuStretch exclusively for our
patients.  AcuStretch is not a miracle cure but it is
definitely more effective for alleviating pain than
conventional physical therapy or chiropractic care alone.
Cheng, DPT
Richard Kim, M.D.
Philip Chiou, M.D.
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