Dr. Michael Thorpe received his Doctorate in
Physical Therapy from Loma Linda University in
rehabilitation.  He has extensive clinical experience
and training in manual therapy as well as complex
neurological rehabilitation.  Dr. Thorpe is a Foot &
Ankle rehabilitation specialist who is known for his
comprehensive and hands-on approach to pain and
mobility management.

Dr. Thorpe’s philosophy in healing is holistic and
simple in nature; reduce pain, restore range of
motion, and provide relevant and functional
exercises to restore strength.
Michael Thorpe, D.P.T.
Doctor of Physical Therapy
Fullerton Clinical Director
Areas of Specialty:

Foot & Ankle Rehabilitation
Cervical, Lumbar, and Sacroiliac Pain Specialist
Sports Medicine - Strength & Conditioning Coach
Soft Tissue / Repetitive Injuries
Hand & Shoulder Rehabilitation
Neurological Rehabilitation
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